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Lafayette Theatre
Lafayette, IN
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Lafayette Theatre is still open for business in Lafayette, Indiana. Not sure if its still showing first-run movies in this day and age.


UPDATE 04/08 : The Lafayette Theater is not showing first run, but older movies. The theater can also be rented for events; weddings, receptions, parties, etc. It was completely renovated a few years ago on the inside. Find more information at www.lafayettetheater.com. Many thanks to Rich Herr for update. 04-08



Joy Youth Center
Grand Rapids, MI
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Here's the Joy Youth Center, a former theater which was in a semi old run down part of town.



La Salle Theatre
Cleveland, OH
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Here's an old deco palace that's no longer catering to sold out crowds. As a matter of fact, this place called the LaSalle Theatre is now defunct.





Time Theatre
Mattoon, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Time Theatre of Mattoon, Illinois is closed but appears to still be in good shape. Check out the neon clock!


Time Theatre
Mattoon, IL
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

The Time Theatre still keeps on ticking in these photos taken in fall 2008. The theatre was built in the early 20th century then was rebuilt in its present art deco style after succumbing to a fire. After stopping showing movies in the 1980's, the theatre is now the home for live dramas. More information can be found at Cinema Treasures. 11-08


Time Theatre and whole block view
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's a shot of the block of buildings that the Time Theatre is a part of. The theatre stands out in contrast to the historic buildings in Mattoon, primarily due tot is distinct deco styling and colors.



Paxton Majestic Theatre (Gone)
Paxton, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Paxton Majestic Theatre of Paxton IL opened its doors in 1913 as a movie palace. The Majestic eventually closed its doors to movies in the 1980's only to reopen later as a community theater, and has housed live plays for the past 15 years.


UPDATE : Many thanks to Sherry Ecker for update that the theater has been open for the past 15 years.

UPDATE 11/07 : The Paxton Majestic Theatre went up in flames on the morning of November 13, 2007 and has been declared a total loss. After catching fire at about 10am, the marquee and roof collapsed an hour later. The theatre was last used for a play in 2006 and has been closed. The state fire marshall's office is investigating the cause of the fire, which also damaged three surrounding buildings in downtown Paxton. Many thanks to Doug Ehmen and Chris for update. 11-07









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