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Murphy Theatre
Wilmington, OH
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

A great place to stop for theatre entertainment in the Wilmington, Ohio area is the Murphy Theatre. If you're interested in some night entertainment, travel to Main Street and check out the Murphy.







Sterling Theatre
Sterling, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner


The Sterling Theatre in Illinois displays an interesting facade along with the classic Sterling lettering. According to Cinema Treasures, the Sterling Theatre was originally built in 1924 then was almost destroyed by fire in 1943. The current Art Moderne styled theatre was built in 1944 and still shows films to this day.

Sterling Theatre
Photo courtesy Kelly Sullivan


UPDATE 07/11 : Here's a more recent photo of the Sterling Theatre. 07-11


Drexel Theatre
Columbus, OH
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Here's a shot of the Drexel Theatre of Columbus, OH. This old subdued deco theatre still sports a soft pastel color scheme.



Elmo Theatre
St. Elmo, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Elmo Theatre in St. Elmo, Illinois appears to be closed. This theatre alongside the old US 40 sports a marquee reminiscent of an amusement park attraction.



Senate Theatre
Detroit, MI
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

The Senate Theatre in Detroit, MI is a good example of a classic theatre in good shape. This theatre is still showing performances.



Court Theatre
Photo and info courtesy Jay Lin

The Court Theatre is boarded up but appears to be operational. Very nice marquee, a throwback to an earlier time.












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