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Ideal Theatre
Clare, MI
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Here is the marquee for the Ideal Theatre, located in the town of Clare, MI. The theatre opened up for business in 1930. The theatre is still open and showing first run movies today. 12-08



Rialto Theatre
Grayling, MI
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

The Rialto Theatre is also an old movie palace still showing first run movies. Originally built in 1915, the Rialto was destroyed by fire in 1930. After being rebuilt, the exterior has not changed to this day. 12-08





Marquis Theatre
Northville, MI
Photos and info courtesy Mark Comstock

This is the Marquis Theatre in Northville, MI. It is located at 135 East Main Street. This Theatre opened in 1925 as the Penniman-Allen Theatre. It originally served as an opera house and then a vaudeville house before showing movies. The name was changed to the Marquis Theatre in 1972 and the theatre was renovated in 1978 to a performing arts center. 12-08

(Far left) A profile of the Marquis Theatre in Northville

(Near left) A shot of the main street



Family Theatre
East Tawas,, MI
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley

The Family Theatre sign in East Tawas appears to have been a theatre by a different name at one time as the neon tube holes don't really match the letters and the 'Family' lettering looks newer. 12-08



Ohio Theatre
Madison, IN
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Madison, IN is home to the Ohio Theatre, which was showing Indiana Jones when this photo was taken. The Ohio first opened to the public in 1938 after being called the Little Grand and burning down in 1936. In 1993 the theatre closed down for a few years, only to reopen in 1996 by the current owners. For more information see the Ohio Theatre website. 12-08



Plaza Theatre
Glasgow, KY
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

The standout marquee stands at the home of the Plaza Theatre which is a Glasgow, MI institution. According to the Plaza Theatre website, construction of this theater began in 1930, but took four years to complete as this was the during the times of the Great Depression. The theatre opened on August 23, 1934 to a sold out audience. The Plaza eventually closed in the 1990's, a time period that was hard on many of the old movie houses. The City of Glasgow bought the theatre in 2001 and is in the midst of renovation and will be open soon. 12-08

(Near right) The Plaza Theatre marquee close up

(Far right) Check out the view of the historic theatre









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