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Liberty Theatre
Vandalia, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This deco delight is located in Vandalia, IL. The Liberty Theatre facade comes complete with interesting lettering. Stop by when you're in the area and catch of view of this classic while its still open.

Liberty Theatre
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss


Here's another shot of the Liberty Theatre, this one taken in late 2008. The front facade of the theatre has been repainted to lighter, more pastel colors.

According to Cinema Treasures, the theatre was opened around 1910 as the Dixie Theatre. The sign says "closed" possibly due to a damaged roof sustained in early 2008. 11-08



State Theatre
Wayne, MI
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

(Far Right) The State Theatre still proudly shows its rounded front facade although the theatre is currently closed. This timeless treasure is located in Wayne, MI.


State Theatre
Wayne, IN
Photos and info courtesy Mark Comstock


UPDATE 12/08 : This is the State Theatre in Wayne, MI in Wayne County. It is located at 35310 Michigan Ave and is at the NW corner of Michigan Ave and Newberry Street.

The theatre was built in 1946 as a single screen theatre. It was designed by Ted Rogvoy and is now a 4 screen theatre. Photos were taken on 12/07/08.


Many thanks to Mark Comstock for updated photos and info. 12-08





Crump Theatre
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

The Crump Theatre is still in operation. Check out the massive vertical neon sign, enameled porcelain and tile work around the ticket booth. Amazing craftsmanship.

(The front entrance way and ticket booth.

Many thanks to Jay Lin for photos and info.










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