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Times Theatre
Rockford, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Times Theatre in Rockford, IL is another deco theatre treasure left over from an earlier decade.


UPDATE 08/10 : Below are a couple of updated photos of the Times Theatre in Rockford, IL.

According to the Cinema Treasures site, the Times Theatre from 1938 was most recently used as a bar and restaurant. Many thanks to Kelly Sullivan for the latest photos. 08-10



Times Theatre marquee Rockford ILTimes Theatre Rockford ILTimes Theatre
Rockford, IL
Photos courtesy Kelly Sullivan

(Far left) A close up look at the now blank Times marquee

(Near left) the theatre as it sits, reminiscing about the days it used to be a place for first run shows



Olympic Theatre
Cicero, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

A classic theatre that just recently closed down is the venerable Olympic Theatre in Cicero, IL. Now advertising office space, the Olympic's marquee still stands guard.


UPDATE 07/07 : We are re-opening the Olympic theatre in Cicero Illinois. We are going to have plays, bands and cinema production. We have remolded and added state of the art lighting and sound equipment. It will be available for rent during this summer. Many thanks to Jim Pontrelli for update. 07-07



Watseka Theatre
Watseka, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Watseka Theatre has been closed for some time but is a great Art Deco monument US 24 Watseka, IL.



Coronado Theatre
Rockford, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Coronado Theatre is also located in Rockford. The Coronado recently underwent an extensive renovation and is now being used for cultural events.










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