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Midway Theatre
Rockford, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Midway Theatre Rockford ILHere's the Midway Theatre in Rockford, IL. Looks like this theatre is still in use.

Midway Theatre
Rockford, IL
Photo courtesy Kelly Sullivan


UPDATE 08/10 : The Midway Theatre is currently closed. Apparently a non-profit foundation is seeking funding and volunteers to help restore the theatre. See more at Cinema Treasures. Many thanks to Kelly Sullivan for updated photo. 08-10



Devon Theatre
Attica, IN
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Devon Theatre is still open for business and the marquee still lights up in full neon at night. The Devon Theatre originally opened in the 1930's.



Devon Theatre
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

Here's another shot of the Devon Theatre in Attica. The theatre is still showing movies today according to its website. 10-08





Virginia Theatre
Champaign, IL
Photo and info courtesy Don Gardner

Here's the historic Virginia Theatre, home of the Annual Roger Ebert Overlooked Film Festival as well as screenings of classics like 'Casablanca' and 'North By Northwest'.



Illinois Theatre
Centralia, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Illinois Theatre is another vintage theatre located in Illinois.



Showplace 3 Theatre
Vincennes, IN
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This old theatre called the Showplace 3 Theatre appears to have been converted into a triplex in recent day.









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