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Fox Theatre interior and exterior
Stevens Point, WI
Photos courtesy Ty Helbach

Located to the left are a few additional photos from the Fox Theatre in Stevens Point, including an interior view and a color shot of the Fox from across the way.



Princess Theatre
Beardstown, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Princess Theatre in Beardstown now features a blank marquee. Not sure if this place is threatened or not.



Salem Theatre
Salem, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Check out this historic theatre located in Salem, IL. The Salem Theatre is currently undergoing restoration.




Fox Theatre
Stevens Point, WI
Photos and info courtesy Ty Helbach

Here is the Fox Theater in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, which is right in the middle of the state. The Fox has been closed for some years and the people who own it refuse to sell it.


South Town Theatre
Springfield, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The South Town Theatre in Springfield, IL still features its side marquee and deco facade. This old theatre building has now been converted over to a stained glass shop The theatre was originally named the Empress Theatre back in February 7, 1915. The theatre has not been a movie place since 1959. For more information, see this website.




Stadium Theatre
Mt. Vernon, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Mt. Vernon also had a another deco theatre called the Stadium. This too is now defunct. The Stadium Theatre opened in the late 1940s and features a rather striking front facade. The theatre is now home to a church.





Granada Theatre
Mt. Vernon, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

In Mt. Vernon, IL is the Granada Theatre. . Sadly, this theatre is no longer in business. Another lost treasure from the heyday of single screen theatres. This theatre originally opened for business on December 16, 1937. After a fun of nearly 60 years, the theatre shut down and was given to the city of Mt. Vernon in 1995.


UPDATE 05/17 : The Granada Theatre has been sold to a local developer. According to this news article, the non-profit organization that has owned the theatre from 2002 will be dissolved. Anticipation is that the theatre will be partially reopened in Fall of 2017 and reopened in spring 2018. 05-17









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