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Grand Cinema Midwest

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Oriental Theatre
Milwaukee, WI
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Oriental Theatre located in Milwaukee is an old classic theatre with a beautiful interior that shows movies.



Du Page Theatre
Lombard, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

In Lombard, Illinois is the Du Page Theatre. The front facade is still in great condition and the theatre looks ready to show first-run movies when asked.



State Theatre
Logansport, IN
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

The State Theatre in Logansport, IN is still in business showing movies.



Fountain Square Theatre
Indianapolis, IN
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

The Fountain Square Theatre is part of a large complex of entertainment near to the downtown area of Indianapolis.




Hub Theatre
Rochelle, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Hub Theatre is still surviving in Rochelle, IL and is currently showing first run movies. According to Cinema Treasures, the Hub Theatre opened in 1931 as a single screener, then was split into three screens in the 1980's.

Hub Theatre
Rochelle, IL
Photo courtesy Kelly Sullivan


UPDATE 07/11 : The Hub Theatre is no longer a "hub" for people these days as the theatre stands empty. According to The Theatre Historical Society of America, the Hub is currently up for sale for $225,000. Rochelle is called the "hub city" duty to rail lines that cross here. 07-11



Arcadia Theatre
Olney, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's the Arcadia Theatre in Olney, IL. This theatre looks to be still in business with an interesting sign area to feature show times.



Town Theatre
Flora, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Town Theatre spells out its name in clear bold lettering. The Town Theatre is still open for business.









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