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Mt. Union Theatre (Demolished)
Alliance, OH
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Welcome to the Mt. Union Theatre of Alliance, OH. The lettering on the front facade resemble an old boarding school's. In fact, the single screen theatre became used for college functions after it closed.


UPDATE 09/17 : Unfortunately, this place went up to the big theatre in the sky. The building was demolished in 2013. 09-17


Empire Theatre (Demolished)
Cincinnati, OH
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Check out this art deco classic sporting multi-colors. The Empire Theatre in Cincinnati is now closed. The Empire opened its doors in 1909 as a silent movie house. The theatre closed down for good in 1960.


UPDATE 07/06 : The theatre was demolished in July 2003 and is home to a wonderful vacant lot. 07-06





Majestic Theatre
Streator, IL
Photo and info courtesy Don Gardner

The Majestic Theatre in Streator, IL is every bit as majestic as the marquee promises (deco!). The Majestic Theatre is now open and serving the public.


UPDATE 02/08 : The Majestic Theatre in Streator, IL is alive and well. More information can be found on the Majestic Theatre website. Many thanks to Doris Gaydos for update. 02-08



Roseland Theatre
Pana, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This classic looking theatre is still alive and well in Pana, IL. The Roseland Theatre is worth a stop if you're in the area. This theatre opened its doors in 1941 as Tanner's Roseland Theatre. The theatre is designed in the Art Moderne style. For more information, see this website.



Roxy Theatre
Ottawa, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Roxy Theatre in Illinois still looks to be in good condition. This theatre opened it doors in 1910 and was known as the Gayety Theatre, home for for vaudeville. It began showing movies in 1932 and renamed itself to the Roxy Theatre. The theatre has expanded over the years from a single screener to 6 screens. For more information, see this website.



Tivoli Theatre
Downers Grove, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Tivoli Theatre is a nice classic theatre from Downers Grove, IL. It's still going strong, and one of the few vintage theatres in the area that hasn't been chopped up into several smaller screens. The theatre opened its doors on Christmas Day1928 at what was the Tivoli building. The theatre was renovated in 1976 and 2002.


UPDATE 09/17 : The Tivoli Theatre is still showing first run movies. For more information, see this website. 09-17









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