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Civic Theatre
Muncie, IN
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Check out the Civic Theatre located in Muncie, IN. Located in downtown, or what is left of downtown. A great Victorian structure, the Civic Theatre just screams for a replica of what ever the original sign looked like.11-10



Goetz Theatre
Monroe, WI
Photo courtesy Kelly Sullivan

Here's an old neighborhood theatre located in Monroe, WI. Called the Goetz Theatre, this landmark shows off its fancy marquee.

According to the Goetz Theatre website, the theatre opened its doors in September 1931. The facade was reconstructed in 2006. 07-11



Capitol Theatre
Rockford, IL
Photo and info courtesy Kelly Sullivan

The Capitol Theatre in Rockford is now a shell of its former glory.

The Capitol was one of Rockford's first atmospheric theatres with stars, cloud, and fog effects.



Capitol Theatre
Photo courtesy Kelly Sullivan

According to Cinema Treasures, the Capitol was opened in 1931 and closed for good some time in the 1970's. 07-11







Midland Theatre
Newark, OH
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Midland Theatre opened its doors on December 20, 1928 at 630pm and did not disappoint the anxious and excited crowd waiting to see new theatre. The Midland and its Spanish architecture continued to thrill movie seekers for over five decades.

Finally, the doors closed in 1978 amid decreasing attendance and a deteriorating building. After sitting closed for 14 years, The Longaberger Company, famous for its seven foot tall headquarters shaped in the form of a basket, purchased the Midland and restored the theatre.

Today, the Midland Theatre stands better than ever providing various forms of entertainment. For more information, see the Midland Theatre website. Here are is a photo of the Midland Theatre at night. 09-13









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