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Michigan Theatre
South Haven, MI
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

The Michigan Theatre in the town of South Haven, MI still features a classic marquee that appears in great shape. From the looks of the Michigan Theatre website, the theatre is a triplex showing current movie favorites. 12-08

(Near right) A close up look at the marquee for the Michigan Theatre

(Far right) The Michigan Theatre looks like it's still in great shape as viewed from across the street.



Penn Theatre
Plymouth, MI
Photos and info courtesy Mark Comstock

This is the Penn Theatre in Plymouth, MI. It is located at 760 Penniman Ave. The theatre opened in 1941 and was designed by Ted Rogvoy. It was called the Penn Theatre because of its location on Penniman Avenue in town. It closed in 2004 and a church group used it for a while. It reopened in 2006. 12-08

(Near right) The Penn Theatre seen from the front

(Far right) A closer shot of the sign



Grand Theatre
Frankfort, KY
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

The Grand Theatre opened in 1911 and closed in 1966. The Grand was purchased by the Save the Grand Theatre Inc. in 2005 and is presently undergoing restoration back to a theatre with plans to open in the Summer of 2009. 12-08



Damm Theatre
Osgood, IN
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Here is the Damm Theatre (no, nothing wrong with it) in Osgood, IN. Check out the front marquee on this gem. The Damm opened in 1921 originally under the name Columbia Theatre. This theatre has been recently restored.

According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, the Damm Theatre exemplifies the architectural style Nineteenth-Century Functional, and blends in with the neighboring stores on the block. Today the theatre is closed. 12-08


Apollo Theater
Oberlin, OH
Photos and info courtesy Bob Cutlip

Here is the Apollo Theater of Oberlin, OH. The Apollo is shutting down sometime in July 2009 for renovations. The Oberlin College is overseeing the work to ensure that the work will go well. Much of the interior of the theatre is original and the marquee is a great sight to see at night.

The Apollo Theater originally opened in 1913 and the Oberlin College took over ownership after the single-screener had been family owned for 85 years. More information can be found at The Morning Journal. 07-09









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