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Welcome to Roadside Peek News. This section will feature a news peek of what's happening out on the road. While not pretending to be comprehensive, we hope you'll visit this section from time to time to keep up on just a sample of issues that are roadside related. Don't forget to check out the Roadside Peek main page for the day's update.

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July to September 2010

September 28, 2010

Checking out Colfax in Denver

Photos from the main drag in Denver courtesy of Robin McCracken including the famous Bastion's Restaurant, a couple of motels, and a neon liquor store sign. See What's New.

September 20, 2010

California and Vegas Updates

New updates include the Fox Banning and Olympic theatres, a neon shot of the Pantages, the now demolished North Shore Motel, a now gone station in Niland, and the demolished Apache Motel and Royal Motel courtesy of Scott Broadhurst. See What's New.

September 18, 2010

Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara

Check out this photo of the Arlington with origins as a Fox Theatre courtesy of John King. See What's New.


Northern California and Nevada Signage

New photos added courtesy of Scott Broadhurst, including the former Mapes and Holiday Casinos in Reno and the Presidio and Bridge Theatres of San Francisco. See What's New.

September 17, 2010

See the Golden Motel in Golden CO

Just updated the Rocky Mountains section with a new photo of the Golden Motel courtesy of Robin McCracken.

September 15, 2010

Bob's Big Boy in Fresno now a Taco Bell

Just learned that the Bob's Big Boy in Fresno, CA closed in September 2005 and is now the site of a Taco Bell. See What's New. Many thanks to Patti Eide for update.


Mexican Food Cafe Signs in Denver

Check out the Taco House signage and restaurants in the Denver area courtesy of Robin McCracken. See What's New.

September 14, 2010

Dave's Coffee Shop Oakland

Brief update added to Northern California Coffee Shops regarding Dave's Coffee Shop, which has been closed since 2004. Many thanks to Penny Magalong for update. See What's New.

September 13, 2010

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, and Nevada

New photos added courtesy of Jim Zahniser include a couple of theatres, Chinese restaurant signage, the marquee for the University Seafood and Poultry, the Donner Inn in Reno, and Auburn, CA liquor store and motel signage. See What's New.

September 10, 2010

New York Updates

New additions to the East courtesy of Jim Zahniser including the Coney Island Cyclone and the Shore Theatre in Coney Island, Block Drug Store, and the Old Town Bar. See What's New.


Gates Oregon Signage

New photos added to the Pacific Northwest courtesy of Linda Rothe includes a couple of signs from Gates, OR. See What's New.


Mr. Barbecue from Winston-Salem

Check out the sign photos for Mr. Barbecue, both inside and outside as found by Tony Craig. See What's New.

September 9, 2010

66 Bowl to Close

Yet another Route 66 bowling alley is soon to disappear. The 66 Bowl in Oklahoma City is scheduled to close on September 17 after 51 years, with an auction now scheduled for October 1. Spices of India is planning to open a grocery store at the 66 Bowl site.


San Bernardino County Roadside

Check out new photos of the Foothill Drive-in Theatre, Fontana Theatre, and the Quicker Liquor store courtesy of Jack Wright. See What's New.


Florida Signage

Added a night shot of the Pensacola Beach sign and a saucer shaped building in Pensacola, FL courtesy of Christopher Hammersla. See What's New.

September 8, 2010

Southern California Signage

Added new signs to the Southern California section courtesy John King, including Mexican Food Cafes, a couple of Route 66 motels, roadside signs, Acme Cleaners, neon eateries, and a close-up shot of the Fabulous 7 Motel in El Cajon. See What's New.

September 7, 2010

Scenes from Barstow

New California Desert photos from John King include the historic Barstow Harvey House and a Route 66 Motel. See What's New.


Central California Gems

New Central California photos from John King include the historic Padre Hotel, the BeeKay and Nile Theatres, the Burger Spot and Kelly's Cafe, and a water tower. See What's New.


Roadside Updates from Maine

New photos added to the East courtesy of Paul Bauke, including the Colonial and Strand Theatres, Moody's Diner in Waldoboro, the 1948 Waltz Pharmacy, a couple of ghost signs, and an eat sign in Rockland. See What's New.


Maddox Ranch House

Added the amazing sign from the Maddox Ranch House in Perry, UT courtesy of Marcus Mann. See What's New.


Greetings from Erie PA

East updates from JIm Zahniser include Frank's Cleaners, Russ' Dinor, and the Peninsula Motel. See What's New.


Rocky Mountain High

New roadside updates from the Rocky Mountain region courtesy of Tammy Terwelp. Updates include a couple of liquor store signs, a couple of other roadside signs, and photos of the Mayan Theatre on Broadway. Also added a photo of the Club Tap from Milwaukee to the Midwest section.

September 6, 2010

More photos from the Midwest

More photos from the midwest courtesy of Kelly Sullivan. Updates include the 88 Tavern, Pathenios Luncheonette, the Park Motel in Loves Park, an old mall, a couple of historic hotels and bowling alleys, The Stoop liquor store, the art deco Strong Building, a muffler shop, an old storefront, some ghost signage and other signs, many from the Rockford, IL area. See What's New.


Dairy Queen in Salisbury NC

Added more photos of the neon lettering and sign at the Dairy Queen in Salisbury, NC courtesy of Tony Craig.


Scenes from Virginia City

New photos courtesy of Tony Craig of a roadside attraction called Virginia City, which is an abandoned and up for sale theme park. The asking price for this place, north of Wytheville, VA on Highway 52, is only $1.5 million.


Lasso Motel Demolished

Just caught that demolition began on the Lasso Motel in Tucumcari, NM in December 2009. Another old Route 66 landmark along Tucumcari Boulevard is now history.


So Long Jack's

Jack's Salad Bowl is history. Gone. Demolished. Jack's Salad Bowl in Whittier, CA has been a Whittier Blvd landmark for decades. in 2006, Jack's closed and was being remodeled into a Mexican restaurant. The bulldozers came last week and all that's left is a fenced off lot of rubble.


Midwest Updates

Added new photos to the Midwest section courtesy of Richard Weiss. Updates include a neon sign for Romano's Pizza, an old Sinclair gas station, an old bar, and a 19th century covered bridge.

September 5, 2010

Tulsa Landmark Admiral Twin Drive-in Burns to Ground

Sad news from Tulsa, OK. The venerable Admiral Drive-in Theatre wooden screen tower burned to the ground just before 2pm on Friday September 3. The cause of the blaze has not yet been determined. For more information on the blaze, see this Tulsa World article. Many thanks to David Hughes for alert on this fire.

UPDATE 09/05/10 12:45pm : Various news sources are reporting a tremendous groundswell of support for rebuilding the Admiral Twin. In addition to finding up to date information at the Save the Admiral Twin Facebook page, donations can be made to:

ATTN: Admiral Twin Drive-In at
Security Bank PO BOX 471316 Tulsa, OK 74147

August 9, 2010

Updates From Woodland Hills CA

Updated the Southern California sections including current photos of a former tiki motel and a new photo of a liquor store classic courtesy of Faith Farberman.


Roadside Updates From Rockford IL and Midwest

The Midwest section has been updated with roadside finds centered around Rockford, IL, including various neon eateries, ice cream shops, and sit down eateries. Also added various photos of theatres from the Midwest courtesy of Kelly Sullivan.

July 30, 2010

Forest Hills Tennis Stadium Landmark Endangered

The Forest Hills Tennis Stadium has been a Long Island, NY landmark since 1923 but is now in danger of becoming the future site of condos.

According to the Rego-Forest Preservation Council, the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium may be sold to a developer after a vote on August 19, 2010 by WSTC members. See the Rego-Forest Preservation Council site for information on how you can help preserve this historic Long Island landmark, including details on an urgent letter writing campaign.

Many thanks to Council Chairman Michael Perlman for alert and information.


Neon Motel Delights from Tehachapi

Added to the Central California section courtesy of John King, the Ranch House and Santa Fe Motels feature striking neon marquees in the town of Tehachapi. See What's New.


Signs Found in Bakersfield CA

A couple of roadside signs for Ned's Oil and Guthrie's Alley Cat were found off the road and added to the Central California section courtesy of John King. See What's New.

July 25, 2010

Tucson Arizona Updates

One Miracle Mile motel finds new life as senior living housing while another files bankruptcy after being recently renovated.




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